Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Crown of 12 Stars, of Revelation 12:1

When you read in Revelation 12:1 about what appears on the woman's head, a celestial body is being referenced, the planet Jupiter. It's called a crown of 12 stars.

Some claim that it is because Jupiter has 12 moons that it has this description, but there is a much more compelling way to understand the descriptive reference that does not involve any numberings of moons.

A moon is not a star, technically. Neither is a constellation, technically, but a constellation is a collection of stars. Jupiter is the King or Ruling planet, and Jupiter's crown consists of all 12 zodiacal constellations in a ring. It rules each for one year as it makes its regal way through the heavens, completing a full circuit every 12 years. If each zodiacal constellation of stars can be described as "a star," then each circuit of Jupiter draws a crown of 12 stars in the heavens. It's a very stately and elegant royal procession, and to call it a crown of 12 stars is an apt poetic description.

So much of the symbolism that permeates our age is derived from another pattern that is continuously being drawn in the heavens. The inherent numbers, as well as the forms being traced out, distinctly identify the planet responsible for it. As you consider what I'm sharing with you now, let this speak to you about why Jupiter is called the crown of 12 stars.

The planet Venus completes its characteristic cycle in every 8 of Earth's years. There is what is called, the Star of Inanna, which is, by most conventions, an 8 point star. Think about it. The Star of Inanna, who is Venus, is identified with an 8 pointed star, like how ruling Jupiter is with a crown of 12 stars. The numbers both derive from their periods in Earth years.

Another number is produced during the cycle of Venus because, during these 8 years, Venus makes exactly 13 revolutions around the sun. For this reason, the number 13 is also also associated with the planet. Another number arises from the design of the pattern drawn around the sun. Five points are marked off in a ring. If you see a picture of the goddess and she is wearing a crown, sometimes it will have 5 points, or 8, or 13, and this is why, because of the Venus pattern and cycle.

The forms of the pentagram, the rose or other kind of flower, and the familiar stylized heart all derive from this pattern. The spiral that is recognized as a goddess symbol derives from the Venus cycle, because the inherent numbers, 5, 8, and 13, are part of the Fibonacci Sequence, which mathematically describes a spiral as it appears in the natural creation.

The sun is central to the Venus pattern, and because it is central, it is typically interpreted as the goddess giving honor to the sun king. These things all have meaning, both that which is true and has been assigned by the Creator and Author of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and that which is a perversion. The perversion is what the Luciferian Illumined and Pagan and idolaters give their attention to, in their worship of the false god.

If you have been paying attention to this blog or our videos and know the symbolism of the Venus pattern is important to witches and occultists and the illumined elite, you know there is a genuine meaning underlying it that is being hijacked. Jupiter is also being honored in our world, perhaps in Washington, D. C. as much as anywhere else in the world. Occultists give the Bible respect as key source material. The understanding of symbolism is their thing, because they understand the power of it, and exploit it as they rebel against the one true God. On the other hand, the Christians they hate so passionately and strive to victimize continually are taken as prey because of our ignorance. Relatively simple things like how Jupiter is the crown of 12 stars is completely misunderstood. And the saints are being led around in circles in confusion by tares and their minions and in the ignorance of others who follow these blind guides by doing what they do. Let's not be so easily led astray. Learn how to interpret figures of speech and biblical symbolism and the meaning of those magical symbols that wallpaper our world, and the magical language being written and spoken all around us.

Every couple of years, or so, I find myself repeating my observation that the sign of Revelation 12 is not happening now. Again, the sign of Revelation 12 is not happening now. The woman being clothed with the sun has to do with positioning. The moon being under her feet has to do with positioning. The crown on her head has to do with positioning. These three elements can not be shifted out of position and still be valid. The crown of 12 stars is all about Jupiter. It can not be considered to have nothing to do with positioning, and neither can the planet be in some location other than the woman's head and remain a sign. Look at the celestial configuration of 2 BC, on September 29, which was the 1st day of the 7th/1st month, the new moon, biblically. That's what the sign looked like.