Saturday, July 22, 2017

Summer Sun: Don't Get Burned by the Sodomite Sun god and goddess Subliminals

There's a commercial for the Golden Corral playing on TV, advertising a Summer Bash with a rayed sun motif. They are sun worshipers, or rather, sodomite sun god worshipers.

Summer and Sun are one. In the graphic, and also with the wording. The word, Summer, conceals the word, sun. With the letter, a, in bash: “Sun a” is “anus,” reading up from right to left. Another subliminal encoded here is, Bum.

The rayed sun graphic pictures the anus, and the letter S is the sodomizing serpent, the hissing enchanter. Summer Steak Seafood - hiSSSssssssssss.

The Golden Corral, the “Gold Pooper” of Puss in Boots? The Golden Eye of the James Bond 007 franchise? Look up the definitions for, corral. Makes sense.

The stylized letter B conceals a familiar phallic style. Like you find with a lot with the styling of the letter P. With the, B, as part of the, Bum, subliminal, rising up under the anus subliminal, there's the picture, right there.

Framing the circle sun graphic inside a rectangle squares the circle, matching their rounded rectangle squared circle logo. Squaring the circle sodomy.

Golden Corral is promoting a Bash, suggesting rough treatment and trauma for the sodomite ritual.

The Golden Corral appears to have the pagan sodomite celebration of the solstice in mind. The half-sun image suggests both the mid-summer solstice and the half-year season marked off by the spring and fall equinoxes. The placement of the half-sun on our left signals Harmerty, because the bright sun eye identifies, Horus, who rules with two eyes. The opposing eye is darkened, hidden, obfuscated in shadow.

A day or so after seeing the anus + bum Summer Bash subliminal I saw this one for the all-new Jeep Compass in a Summer Clearance Event. It's the same Occult deal here, with the leveraging of the rayed sun graphic as a butt and the leveraging of the word, sun, hidden inside the word, summer. So here, instead of the Golden Corral's Bum, we find the complement to the ASUN/ANUS in compASS.

The sodomite Code 33 is well represented, with 4 layers being illustrated in this graphic.

The goddess is also well represented. Victory, names her overtly. The goddess personified, who is also known as Victoria, as worshiped by the Romans. Her symbol appears in the wheels of the Compass, the pentagram of the Venus Rose.

Yes, the goddess. Hidden signs of her identities are so prevalent in ritual sodomy signaling contexts. Her activity as the goddess of magic is inherent. Did you happen to notice her in the Golden Corral's promotion of the Summer Bash? Scroll or swipe back and see what the woman has on her plate. Tacos. The taco is slang for the vagina. Her phone case has a cowhide look. It's a sign of the dairy queen: Hathor. She actually has Two Tacos. TT. That's also slang for the vagina, as used by an Illuminati programming family I used to know rather well. (Hey - perhaps it's Taco Tuesday, or, Twofer Tuesday, right?) With these observations, it's evident that both the Mouth of Isis and the Eye of Horus are in play. Sex magick.

When I did a web search for a better image of the ad I discovered that all the brands associated with Jeep share this special sales event. Here's one ad (upper left in grid) that features a popular version of the title graphic. Summer Clearance Event, very simply promoting the RAM.

It's another half-sun graphic that is a pagan celebration of the solar year, and another celebration of that place where the sun don't shine.

There's a dividing line next to the half sun, which suggests that the graphic is an equation with one side being equal to the other. It's like a mirror. A sun appears on the left and “SUN A” balances it on the right, lurking in the layout of, SUMMER CLEARANCE. In those words, “SUN A” mirrors to “ANUS.”

And now for something completely different. Eh, no. Not really. Instead of B+UM or compASS, we have RE+AR and ENT+RANCE.

So, where's the goddess in all this? The mirror is a symbol of Hathor, like the cowhide style phone case. The mirror is also a symbol of Aphrodite. The “Venus Mirror” is what the astrological symbol for the planet Venus is called, which is used as an icon representing the female gender.

The woman is exalted here as EVE, the first woman, and we know this is intended because the head of a ram presents the image of the female reproductive system, like you see illustrated in this graphic.

The Ram has to be seen in use as a verb, describing force used during sexual intercourse, with sex magic implied with both the Mouth of Isis and the Eye of Horus.

The RAM is a pickup, made for carrying a load in the back. Load, as ejaculate. Back, as butt. We learned about this while decoding the epic sodomy time travel films, Back to the Future, and, The Lake House.

There is some sodomy + space time level in this because the sun graphic features 13 rays, the number of the the mastery of time.

This sun's count of rays gives more emphasis to the Goddess (and the role of the sun and the blazing star of Freemasonry) because of the role Venus has in tracing the sun-centric design of the Venus Rose in 13 circuits, repeating every 8 of our Earth years. This goddess imagery is strengthened further by the count of 4 rings of the sun, the number assigned to Isis in the esoteric 47th Problem of Euclid.

While you're counting, We find exactly 10 instances of adjacent sun god naming instances, of Ra and Re. That number 10 is like IO, the Greek spelling of Helio, meaning sun. The Roman numeral for 10 is X, the symbol ancient of the sun god. This is a potent Occult symbol!

Finally, there's Code 33 signaling in the MM in suMMer and the EE spanning cl-E-arance and ev-E-nt.

Blessings on this Shabbat

Greetings and blessings in Y'shua! It's another Shabbat, and we mark the passage of yet another remarkable week. I was occupied mostly with matters relating to producing supplemental income through the commercialization of some specialized software. Aaron has been helping with that and also continuing his Greek language studies, but has also been struggling with more health issues. He is enduring and finding the Lord's blessed and very welcome help in this stage of the trial, although it's really far from over, it seems. There is more to this struggle than what is merely personal for him, because there is an intercessory work involved, as there has been in past seasons. This struggle also has to do the ministry of a prophet and his coming more fully into it. We celebrated another breakthrough this past week. Pray for us, as the Lord may lead, and for those who also pray for us, and support us in this work.

Last weekend was remarkably productive, and that was reflected in the 4 posts to this blog. What this weekend will bring I cannot say, but I have been compelled to decode more images from the abundance that we've been seeing. The hidden signs of the goddess worship, the eye of Horus and sodomite mind-control programming - these cast spells that have a profound influence on the world. We range between being discouraged and being encouraged by the responses we see to our efforts to expose these things. We see the Lord's favor upon some being so evident, and we see them being engaged by the Lord and getting free - and this is so precious!

We see the spiritual warfare being waged on many fronts, and are comforted to know that the Lord Himself has given us grace to participate in this. It's an awesome privilege to know with full confidence that He is good, that He has a plan, and that IT IS WORKING - and that, RIGHT ON TIME!

We have continued to maintain a pretty constant focus of attention on signs of how space-time is being manipulated, with hints of the pending time reset that are sometimes subtle but sometimes far from it. Some media that had our interest includes, Stein's Gate, S1 E7. And, Wonder Woman, where attention was given to a watch in special ways.

Some iInterviews where people are "barking up the right trees":
Dr. Broer with Dave Hodges: Cern's Real Purpose Is to Reverse Timeline and Prevent Christ's Birth - The CSS 6/25 (Hr 3)
Joseph P Farrell with Jim Marrs: manufacture space-time on a bench (in a lab)

Tracy Twyman with Freeman Fly: Satanic Ritual To Destroy The Universe - This is recommended, and the second hour too, if you have subscriber access to FreemanTV. Ms. Twyman is an Occultist and dedicated researcher, who remarkably spills the beans on some very relevant matters.

Usually, we'll just link to news of interest in the comments section, but these are germane to the images we've been decoding, so here you go.
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Blessings in Y'shua!

Bob (and Aaron)